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App Store Optimization is a set of process that ensures that your app meets all the store ranking criteria and boost the chances of your app appearing in the top of a search results page. But wondering how does it work? How does app marketings experts optimize for better discoverability in an app store?

There are various techniques used in the app marketing to help you boost the app rankings in the app stores. There are few ASO tricks which can be used to get your app on the top charts of the app store.

Let us understand a few of the tricks in ASO

Know your target audience and also your competition

This step is very important, a well built ASO strategy relies on understanding what your target audience is doing with your app. And along with this, it is also important to keep a keen eye on your competitive landscape. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to determine the right strategy to manage the target audience:

  • What are the top and most commonly used languages?
  • What is their perspective on my app?
  • Why should the users download my app?
  • Where does my app stand in the competitive field?
  • What are the most commonly used keywords by my competitors?

Keywords play a major role in getting your app in front, it is therefore important to research your competitor to identify which keywords are being used by the apps that are similar to yours. You can use ASO experts to help to get keyword research on your app and get app reviews from them. This helps you to find an optimal keyword for your app. Keywords must be placed carefully in the optimal position.

Determine which keywords will be most effective

Once you have a list of potential keywords that you want to use, you need to edit and prioritize your list. (Limit of 100 characters for Apple App Store) There are three factors you must consider in selecting keywords for your app in order (Listed from highest to lowest priority):
1. Relevance
2. Difficulty

3. Popularity

Choose a catchy app name

It is very important to come up with a unique and innovative name for your app. It is not just a matter of what your app does. But one day your app name can be a brand. But, sometimes for the best results with ASO, you can add relevant keywords in your titles. There was a study of the top 25 ranking positions and apps with the relevant keyword in their title ranked, on average, 10.3% higher than the apps without a title keyword.

Create a compelling description

Every app store has a description filed that allows you to write detailed information about what it does in simple and concise language, you can list all the unique features it offers that compel the users to read it and download it.

It is highly recommended to focus all the bulk of your energy on the first few lines of your description to immediately attract your user’s attention.

Using a unique and catchy icon

Visual appealing features of your app grabs you the potential customers. Because the app icon is the first impression they’ll have of yours. When approaching your icon design, it’s important to note that the App Store and Google Play vary in their approach to, and rendering of, app icons. Both stores have preset standards for the ideal size, geometry, and color scheme of app icons, designed to match the rest of the OS.

Include screenshots and videos

Basically, screenshots and videos should showcase how to proceed and use the app. The benefit of using screenshots or videos is that users know what to expect.

This exudes confidence among unfamiliar users to try out your app. Just like videos, all the screenshots should give an impressive first impression as it delivers as to whether a potential user downloads the app or not. It is advisable that you include the best features on the initial 2-3 screenshots. As for the size specification and number of screenshots allowed, different app stores have their own limits.

Last but not the least, Don’t hesitate to make mistakes. This is what optimization means. Trying something, then change it for a better outcome. Over and over again. Be patient! Both SEO and ASO take time, but if you do it right, you will be rewarded.