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Behind apps, a lot of work is involved so when someone develops them, they have expectations that people will notice them with the help of their work. The conflict between the expectations and the reality lies in a simple fact – every app that is present on the App Store or the Google Play Store bears the same principle of development – a person or a team worked very hard to make it.

Moment of truth!

So, what do you do when you want to have a better rank for your app? People might quote a lot of factors, but one of the most important factors that people consider when downloading an app on their phone is app reviews. App Reviews that were given recently, critical app reviews, positive 5-star reviews, and negative 1-star reviews – everything is put on display. So you can already realize how bad the situation can be if your app receives negative reviews constantly.


However, negative reviews cannot hurt you at first – they are more of a worst-case scenario if your app is not well-developed! But if your app is splendidly-developed, you can surely use android app reviews sites to boost your app’s position!

How do they work?

Android app review sites analyze your app and the functions it provides. After it’s done, loads of reviews that are distinct from each other are posted to several top review sites. Your app might also be sent to top media platforms who highlight the features of your app and why should you use it. Getting reviewed by the big sources will boost the app’s popularity a lot because if your app is really good you are going to get featured in multiple blogs and articles. While providing tons of reviews, the following pointers are kept in mind so that they do not sound fake:

Reviews are kept simple, interesting, and to the point. Precise and concise reviews that speak about your app are more efficient in catching the viewer’s attention. Whereas, if each review only mentions the advantages of your app and just changes the wording and presentation, a user will easily detect that it’s fake!
The content is made to be read by humans. Most sites make the mistake of producing keyword-heavy reviews. While keywords are essential to the growth of an app – they should not be overused.
Polished look – every review is made with utmost care. Grammatical and spelling mistakes are avoided. Each review fulfills the basic requirements of posting on the Google Play Store or the App Store from Apple.


The need for the hour has led to the evolution of a lot of technologies on the internet. Consider our present situation – we are surrounded by gadgets. We use our phones all the time and having the apps we need is a must. So, with android app review sites, any app developer can get the desired number of positive reviews and ratings and get the boost that they require!